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57 Inch Tripod with Carrying Case, Compact Deluxe Video and Camera bag, Universal 5-Piece Cleaning Kit, Memory Card Storage Wallet, Flexible Tabletop Tripod, Flexible Monopod For The Canon Powershot S95 Digital Camera & Most Other Digital Cameras & Camcorders

Universal Camera Kit includes:

1) 57 Inch Tripod with Carrying Case – Tripod with Carrying Case: lightweight and sturdy tripod, supplied with a fitted case and strap; it can be taken anywhere to gain maximum performance from your Camera.
2) Compact Deluxe Video and Camera bag – Protect your valuable camera investment with this carrying case.
3) Flexible Tabletop Tripod – Don’t be the invisible man (or woman) in your family photo album! Get yourself in the picture using your camera’s self-timer and this ultra-compact tabletop tripod. Also great for steadying your camera for sharper close-up/Macro images.
4) Universal 5-Piece Cleaning Kit – Eliminate dust and smudges from your camera with this handy microfiber cleaning cloth.
5) Memory Card Storage Wallet – Memory Card Storage Wallet: Keep multiple memory cards protected and organized with this durable storage wallet.
6) Flexible Monopod – The “Flexible Monopod” makes taking digital photos more fun than ever. Designed with self-timer photography in mind, the “Flexible Monopod” lets you mount your camera just about anywhere you want so that you can include everyone in your automatic shots. Moldable design can be bent to hold positions.
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