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Oversized Sunglasses – Why Are They So Hot?

on February 7, 2016

There’s no denying that oversized sunglasses are here to stay. And while celebrities wear them to escape the public’s prying eyes, oversized sunglasses perform the necessary function of protecting the eyes, areas around it, and part of the cheek from harmful ultraviolet light. Add this functionality to trendy styling, and you have an accessory that is included in every fashion-conscious individual’s list of must-haves.There are different types of oversized sunglasses that have come to capture the consumers’ fancies this year. Prominent in the list would be aviator sunglasses, whose popularity was revived by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Lindsay Lohan. And if you can’t get enough of the bling bling, then you’re sure to fall in love with the latest designer eyewear from Giorgio Armani and and the JLo sunglasses line by Jennifer Lopez, where logos are set with crystals, as well as the Swarovski crystal-studded pair from Valuentino. These sunglasses would definitely ensure constant sparkle and dazzle wherever you may go. Another latest sunglass trend would be the use of colored frames designed to complement whatever outfit you may wear. This season’s hottest picks would include the Prada Sports Sunglasses 10 G/S, whose frames come in five different bright shades. Those preferring to go understated need not despair, though, as black oversized sunglasses such as those from Dior are also one of the most popular among celebrities.Another group of people that need not despair would be those who would love to own a pair of fashionable eyewear but do not have the budget for it. Replica sunglasses offer viable and high quality alternatives to designer ones. This is because replica sunglass designs are inspired by the latest eyewear offerings of designer labels like Ray-Ban, Chanel, Dior, D&G, among others. Apart from its affordability, replica sunglasses are also of high quality. Purchasing replica sunglasses also affords flexibility because you can easily buy practically any pair you want to complement any outfit you wear.


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